Dive into Adventure with the New iAQUA AquaDart Nano Series - A Sea Scooter Revolution

Are you ready to rewrite the rules of underwater exploration? The iAQUA AquaDart Nano series has arrived, bringing a wave of innovation and power to the world of sea scooters.

What happens when you fall off your SCUBAJET-powered SUP?

Don't worry! If you fall off your SUP, your remote control watch's Bluetooth link to your SCUBAJET PRO will disconnect and the motor will automatically shut off.

Is the SCUBAJET Performance Hybridboard a foil or a surfboard?

It's both! The SCUBAJET Hybridboard gives you the besst of both worlds!

How fast can a JETFLY go?

A JETFLY jet surfboard can reach speeds of up to 70km/h.

What is the top speed of the KYMERA Body Board?

The Kymera Body Board can reach speeds of up to 30km/h.

Does WAVEZ Electric Water Sports always have everything in stock?

We do our best to have the most commonly ordered items in stock. However, from time to time there may be products on backorder from the manufacturer or the local distributor.

Can I use my SCUBAJET PRO Underwater Dive Scooter single handed?

Yes, you can! The most important step is to secure the included lanyard between your SCUBAJET PRO and your BCD or dive belt

How fast does the SCUBAJET PRO Overwater Kit take you?

You can achieve speeds of up to 12km/h overwater on a SUP with the SCUBAJET PRO - that's more than you need!

How fast does the SCUBAJET PRO Underwater Dive Scooter go?

You can achieve speeds of up to 5-6km/h underwater with the SCUBAJET PRO - that's more than you need!

Can I use my LEFEET S1 PRO single handed?

You can unscrew the Dual Jet Rail and screw the Single Grip Rail into the same place and move the Remote Controller handle over. Done!

How much run-time will I get from my SCUBAJET PRO 200Wh or 400Wh lithium-ion battery?

Up to 4 hours! The SCUBAJET PRO comes with 200Wh of battery (2x100Wh) installed as default. You can get an optional Upgrade Kit to upgrade to extended range, or XR.

How Long Does LEFEET S1 PRO 100Wh Battery Last?

Over an hour! Runtime depends on the power level used, and other factors like how hard the water scooter needs to run (water conditions, air conditions, user size and weight).

Who are Wavez Water Sports?

Wavez Electric Water Sports is a Sydney, Australia-based electric watercraft retailer. Wavez was created by Grahame Ewins in 2014...